RPL Chicory Lounge in Seaglass

RPL Chicory Lounge in Seaglass

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RPL Chicory Lounge in Seaglass



What's Included:

Free Swatch Kit

See our fade-proof, stain-resistant, liquid-repellent fabrics in person.

Free White Glove Delivery

Complimentary shipping and room-of-choice delivery & assembly.

1 Year Home Trial

See your purchase through all four seasons. Anything less than perfect and we’ll take it back.

Comprehensive Warranty

Our limited warranty offers up to 3 years of generous coverage to protect your purchase.

The Dwell x Chicory Collection

Rooted in a mutual obsession with good design that inspires and delights the modern consumer, we’ve collaborated with Dwell to design a sustainable, comfortable, and durable outdoor living collection for the everyday home. A modular blueprint for modern outdoor living, this collection presents innovative yet timeless design for better alfresco lounging.



The Dwell outdoor living collection is designed to move. Adapt and rearrange each module as you please to create your dream custom outdoor living configuration. The slatted solid wood panels can be used interchangeably on all seat modules and base blocks can be connected to one another in any direction! Place a storage coffee table between two seats for a modern inline lounge look or connect an ottoman to your loveseat and create a 2-seater sectional! Make it your way, depending on the day.

Performance Fabrics

Let’s break down what the best of the best entails. Our premium Solution Dyed Acrylic swatch book is designed to ward off the most common offenders so you can lounge comfortably outdoors without worry.

Stain Resistant

A highly durable weave, extensively tested against all the common vices—i.e. dirt and Cabernet.

Fade Proof

Maintains color integrity for up to 2000 sunlight hours.

Liquid Repellent

Resilient canvas featuring a nontoxic finish that resists all water-based liquids.

Mold & Mildew Resistant

Performance Acrylic featuring inherent water resistant properties that help deter growth of mold & mildew.

Bleach Cleanable

Performance level cleanability. Every color maintains hue integrity when cleaned with 100% bleach solution, surpassing the industry’s standards for bleach cleaning results.

Oeko-Tex® Certified

Free from hazardous chemicals & treatments. Safe for you and the environment.


In an effort to inspire people to spend more lounge time outdoors, we set out to design a spacious modular outdoor seating collection with comfort at its core—a characteristic too often forgotten in the outdoor furniture space. Choose between two custom height styles to tailor your lounge, both of which are composed of 100% domestically sourced foam. Each proprietary module features a blend of low density & high resilience foams wrapped in a comfort layer of sustainable dacron made using hundreds of recycled plastic bottles.

Weather-Proof Materials

Durable product designed with carefully selected materials that cater to all outdoor climates.

Removable Cushion Covers

All fabric cushion and pillow covers are removable, designed with easy cleaning and care in mind. Each one is wrapped in a water-resistant nylon case for an added layer of protection.

Materials That Last

Resilient frames made of Grade A, FSC-Certified Teak wood and Stainless Steel hardware. Teak’s natural oils inherently prevent warping, rot and corrosion caused by moisture, snow, and rain.

Performance Fabrics

Liquid-repellent, soil & water stain-resistant, and maintaining a UV lightfast rating of up to 2000 hours—our fabrics are designed to handle harsh climates.

Do better by the earth


As furniture designers, we believe that it’s not only our job to design products to be enjoyed outside but that it’s equally our responsibility to design with the environment top of mind. For every order placed, and for every box shipped, one tree is planted by the Nation Forest Foundation. We’ve designed packaging materials that are non-toxic, recycled and utilize renewable foam. All of our wood is Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the foam used in every cushion and pillow upcycles hundreds of plastic bottles. Every detail counts.

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Will the teak’s finish & fabric color change over time?

Teak’s natural properties make it well-equipped to face the elements, making it the best choice of wood for durable outdoor furniture. That said, for the ultimate care and long term protection, it’s always recommended to bring in furniture during harsh winters, storms, etc. and to cover it when not in use. All teak finishes will shift to appear more gray in color over time but the integrity of the frame doesn’t diminish in parallel. Our performance fabrics have been tested for a UV lightfast rating of up to 2000 hours which is considered fade-proof in the industry. For ultimate longterm color protection, we recommend prompt spot cleaning when needed and avoiding contact with high moisture and extreme sun environments when possible.

How modular is each seat?

Every armless or middle seat block is alike and can be used interchangeably in the middle of your sofa, on the end, or as a corner piece. Each slatted wood back/arm panel (they are the same part) can attach to any three sides of a seat block. Standalone ottomans purchased or the chaise ottoman on a sectional are slightly different blocks in that they can be attached to any seat block, but an arm/back panel is not capable of being attached to it. If you have any specific questions about the capabilities of each part of a configuration don’t hesitate to ask!

Is there assembly required?

No assembly is required as every order is shipped free with White Glove Service which means free room-of-choice delivery and assembly! That said, we send all products in the Dwell Outdoor Collection with a complete assembly guide in the event that you’d like to reconfigure your product in the future! It is modular afterall, so we’d highlighly recommend you change up your layout from time to time.

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